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 Amorphis Amorphisпроект 'Amorphis' смог скрестить дэт с элементами прог-рока

Vulgar Necrolatry Cd Bonus Track


(lyrics: J. Ahlroth)

(music: T. Koivusaari)

Erosion of life I see

it makes the passion burn in me

Life it always withers away

Death will eternally stay

Corpses in their coffins

forever rest in peace ?

There sleeping with the aspergillus

is this justice to the dead ?

The atrocious sight of burial ecremony

Christians weeping for the departed

They won't understand, they should envy them !

The deceased they know, if there's a paradise

Or shall we feel, the purgatory !

I open the graves, admire the rot

I can feel the presence, of something beyond

Aureola of nauseating reek

Wings of shriveled skin

Holy beauty of a carcass

Divine sight for me to gaze upon !

Necrolatic ! Reverence for putrefaction

Necrolatic ! reverence for the stench

I kneel, before a carrion

I pray, before the dead

I know, they shall rise

I fear, for the scourge

I revere, power of the dead


Vulgar Necrolatry Cd Bonus Track / Amorphis

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