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 Amorphis Amorphisпроект 'Amorphis' смог скрестить дэт с элементами прог-рока


My soul is bleeding

I feel so small

Afraid that this will never end

I can't understand the pain in my bones

I sleep through another trance

Climb over the rainbow

From here you can see so much

I need someone to take me down

But who can you trust


Got so many things to say

But it's something I don't wanna be

Gotta get away case it's time to shine

Like a fallen angel I run

I won't ever see the sun

See the circle is now complete

Yet the harvest remains undone

Where hemlock grows and vermin crowl

All dreams descend with fear

Crushed by the darkness that wells inside

That beast I hold so dear


Shining / Amorphis

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