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Legend Of A Banished Man

Run for your lives, death has arrived

Try save your soul, run from the sound of rowing oars

Out of the mist

Breaks a dragon ship

Even more feared

Than the nail-ship "naglfar"

A bear-coated man stands in the bow

Cold-eyed he gazes towards the shoer

The dragon's head is grim and red

All covered with blood, a gift to the mighty gods

Warshields are raised, the gods are praised

The people stare paralyzed with fear

The legend tells of a man that fell

From grace of his baptised king

As a banished mn he fled his land

But solemnly sworn to return with holy war

But noone knows how the legend goes

'cause noones survived

That's gazed into his eyes

'cause noone's returned that's met his fire

They say wolf-skinned men follow him

Berserks whose eyes burn with flames of ice

Some say mighty thor

Guides their blades in war

They say they cannot be killed

Nor can their blood be spilled

So run for your lives

Death has arrived

The legend has come

To take the lives of the deceitful ones

Run for your lives

The death ship's arrived

There's no way you'll live

To tell of meeting his fire

Amon Amarth

Legend Of A Banished Man / Amon Amarth

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