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Pass The Honey

*Yogi B*

Bounce baby bounce baby bounce baby, ah baby bounce

Chorus *Yogi B* *Atilia* 2x

Pass the honeys upon the left hand side

Pass the honeys upon the left hand side

It a gonna burn, give me the music make me jump and prance

It a go done, give me the music make me rock in the dance


Ay, pass them honeys 'pon them left hand side

Still laid up in the back seat crusin' down the ride

Checkin' them honeys that be uh, uh bona fide

Yo, In them skimpy tight dresses cryin' homicide

She sexy like Halle Berry I pops that cherry

Transparent see through like my iMac Blueberry

Scandalous body measurements that be fabulous

In the club wiggling her pom pom she rebellious

Now who be the player with the most style

Check my profile whose number she gonna dial?

So peep the honey I'm about to pass

She so hot she bomb like Jennifer Lopez



Honeys be relatin' with their persona

With their high heels taller wearin' their Donna Karen

I'm gonna be starin' their sexy dress

Getting obsessed despite the mess gotta relax

It's Friday night chickas be heading to the clubs

I'm on the sight with playa clothes with all my love

Outstanding honeys shakin' their booties in the crowd

I'm dancin' commencin' lookin' for romancin'

No matter the place no matter the race let's embrace

While we dance and bounce face to face

So son I pass em to the left hand side

I'll be chillin' with my JD Coke hopin' to get a ride


Break 1 *Atilia*

Me say listen to the music, me say listen to the bass

Give me little music let me wind up me waist

Rock in the dance, give me little music make me jump and prance-acapo

Pass The Honey /

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