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Vita Mia

Vita mia

Quanta vita c'e

Dentro questi occhi in me

There've been times in my life

When I couldn't see a difference

In pain, or in joy, or in sun, or in rain

It just seemed the same

But I'm only human

Branded by ambition

But I'm going to make it count

Vita mia

Quanta vita c'e

Ce nell'rosso acceso in me

Vita sia

Come un nuovo canto

Ora che, muoio per te

So many intentions

In life I could have followed

Here and now is how

I'll live every moment

Unafraid of what life gives

Respect things I don't understand

Vita sia

La tua vita in me

Амик Форевер

Vita Mia / Амик Форевер

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