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Breakup Song

I cant believe I hung around with you

All this time

You drove me crazy with your O.C.D.

Girl, youre out of your mind

Im counting on UFOs to beam me up

I just dont know how long I can take this shit

Im over it, girl you gotta go


Its over, were over

Just like in crimson and clover

Were sinking and Im thinking

How the hell did we get so stupid?

Its the end, ex-girlfriend

I dont care what you think of me now

So long youre gone

This is the breakup song

One more thing before you go

Would you please give me my records back

My Bloody Valentine, The Pixies, Cheap Trick, and Back in Black

You can keep the dog we bought

But you cant go near the Standard Bar

Dont hang around, dont call my friends

The wont know who you are!

[Chorus X2]


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