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Revelation 101

Got a little thing Im trying to tell you

But I dont want you to be concerned

You know it's something that you might find scary

But you gotta know your worlds gonna b-b-burn

You know it shouldnt be a Revelation

We been hearing for a thousand years

Its a manual of devastation

But it seems to me that no one cares

Hes comin back

Hell take me home

I got a little class on economics

Its called Devastation 101

You can go ahead and try to hide

But in an hour therell be no where to run

You know Babylon will be thrown down

No never to be found again

The only sound that youll hear is weeping

From your merchants and the worlds great men

Hes comin back

Hell take me home

Surely the arm of the Lord is not too short to save

Nor his ears too dull to hear

But your iniquities have separated you from your God

And your sins have hidden His face

I hope you dont call me a gloom and doomer

Cause that really aint the way I feel

Yeah, I'm lookin forward to that day

And I hope its not late, but sooner

Hes comin back

Hell take me home

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