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Flyin' me back to Memphis

Gotta find my Daisy Jane

Well the summer's gonne

And I hope she's feelin' the same

Well I left her just to roam the city

Thinkin' it would easy the pain

I'm a crazy man and I'm playin' my crazy game, game

Does she really love me I think she does

Like the star above me I know

Because when the sky is bright

Everything's all right

Flyin' me back to Memphis

Honey keep the oven warm

All the clouds are clearin'

And I think we're over the storm

Well I been pickin' it up around me

Daisy I think I'm same

Well I'm awful glad

And I guess you're really to blame, blame

Do you really love me

I hope you do

Like the stars aboveme how I love you

When it's cold at night

Everything's all right


Border / America

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