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Innocence, I began, youth my direction.

Ignorance, love in my heart, no detection.

Tried to explore, dying for more.

Life, death, please mother let me begin.

I closed my eyes, everything a lie.

Rebellion to rebel, fallen in deep, why?

Tried to deter, dying not to see.

Hate, hate, please mother leave me be.

I created, I found myself at least I thought.

Lust for for love rotted me, no detection.

Tried and achieved, what was not conceived.

Watch me, please mother look at MEEE!!

I fell, I fell hard, face down denial.

I've beaten myself into the ground.

I tried to rise, everything changes, not me.

Wrong or right, please mother forgive me.

I looked, I looked at myself, my direction.

All these years gone, but I found love.

Myself, I'm off to explore again with peace of mind.

Every day mother, father I'm more like you.

I understand why you do the things you do.

Disease!! Rots under my skin.

Disease!! Committed like sin.

Disease!! Starving for more.

Disease!! I don't want to cure

Disease /

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