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Red Harvest

Many boots are trambling down

The harvest of this year

With arrogance these men destroy

They seem without a care

Children crying, People dying

Environment's a waste

A storm will rise, nature shows

The fields are filled with hate

The end of days has come

We will all be slaughtered

Nature takes it's toll

What's never been restored

Troops prepare to fight against

An unknown enemy

For now there is no place for


On this cold and cloudy day

The autumn leaves it's trace

Destruction soon will take control

Of the entire human race

Apocalypse is near

The earth has lost it's patience

Based upon a lie

Of a thousand generations

So now, take a good look at him

The one who always has been here

The man who always has been at

Our side

Now tells us we deserve to die

Red Harvest /

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