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Driving on bastard road

Too much shit in my veins

Has polluted my brains

Walking my way home

This terrible night

Will end in a fight

I don't need excuses

My patience has expired

This time it's for real

I'm getting sick and tired

Going the wrong direction

It's my way to choose

What have I got to lose

Anger needs a way out

Too much hate in my veins

Has polluted my brains

Let's drive!!

Then it happens all at once

Just when I thought that it was allright

To break the rules of normal life

And kill the silence of this night

I feel the urge to walk away

But my pride says stay

Christian Cop Convicted

My law has been broken

I will walk my way

Fuck your law and order

You misuse your power

Fuck your law and order

I pity your frustration

You think you're always right

Fuck your christian orders

Perhaps I'm too concerned

About my will to be free

Maybe I should listen

But then I'm still concerned

Who will feed the mouths of your family when

You're unemployed. No more job for you cop!!

C.C.C. /

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