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Lets get this party started,

I've got the gas grilled started.

I wanna see your weenie shrivel

I wanna see your burgers burnt .

I wanna see you toast your buns,

toast your buns on my deck tonight.

I've got the gas grilled started

so lets get this party started.

Pump up the gas grill

pump it up,

while the flame is jumping.

Pump up the gas grill

pump it up,


Outside in the backyard,

underneath the trees,

We're gonna grill it up

cuz we've got burgers

we've got weenies.

We got the Aunt May

and the Uncle Bob

we've got

the green peas

and the corn on the cob,

yes the line, the line,

the line is very long

and my brother,

my brother he's a slob.

The food is piping hot,

the beer is icy cold,

the coleslaw


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