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Make You Dance

(Verse 1 -Squeak Ru)

Flossin thru my city in a coupe

You see the indo locked my brain and sippin 80 [???]

Today I gots to get loose

I mash the gas on that ass

So when I [???] I crash the roof

[???] on my menue, I'm lowridin, Westsidin cuz that's the shit I'm into

I never fucked wit the phonies

I keep my shot to the real, never hooker over homie

[Catch your dime and dollar ?], I can make you hollar

Girls break they necks when I'm in it in impala

I like they [can at they pants ?]

Girls wit the big ol' butts, I can make you dance


I can make you dance, I can make you dance, baby

I can make you dance if you want me to

I can make you dance, I can make you dance, baby, baby

I can make you dance if you want me to

(Verse 2 -Squeak Ru)

Now Westside Connect is the shit

And can't none of y'all niggas get wit it

And if you think that we clubbin

Fuck all the [thuggin ?]

We got to [pull file ?????], come on

(Verse 3 -Binky Mack)

It's Binky Mack, so throw up the W when you see me

AllFrumThaI representin I-N-Kizee

Don't flexin, [???] tell me who ya testin

Connect got my back plus I got the checkin

Representin it to the fullest

So a [follow ?] me [???] affiliate

Levi's and wallabees

In the coupe wit my cousin [Soup ?] as we parlay

Sippin on some orange juice that's mixed wit the Tanqueray

Trickin, never let, nigga, I'm a OG, hoe

Westside Connect wit the rips and the B-dogs

It's all good wit the tracks that I'm in [???]

Gangstas straight boogie but I want y'all hoes dancin


(Verse 4 -Mack 10)

Well, the party didn't started till I walked in

And I probably won't leave the [v- ?] end

So in the meantime I stays to the grind

So you sell yo work and I sell mine

Wit the [world of ?] cream, we can all have green

I got the bomb hemp [beat ?]

Sellin sack for a [???]

Blue and Red wavin money and it's strange to me

Cuz everybody in the house screamin Dub-S-C

Since gangstas don't dance, I get my boogie on

[???] a few bitches and sell a few phones

So the weed all [grown ?] and everybody [blazin one ?]

[?????] and her cousin jockin a few dozen

My nigga Bink and Squeak will lock the B in


When we left throwin Dub high in the sky

It's the nigga Mack 10 wit AllFrumThaI


Mack 10 and AllFrumThaI

Dub-S-C-G till the day we die


Make You Dance /

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