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Perfect Love

Love is blind, some may say

But I saw clearly on that day

A perfect picture a perfect view

A perfect person a perfect you

And yesterday becomes today

And tomorrow becomes forever

The beauty of you remains engraved

In my heart and mind forever

The Perfect Love

Yesterday I had the sweetest dream

I dreamt an angel came to visit me

She taught me how to live and how to trust

Showed me the meaning of being in love

She placed he footprints across the sky

This angel took my breath away

Like a kid on Christmas day

To my surprise my angel is you

II can't believe this dream came true

I found a perfect love

I've searched so far and wide for you

An angel from above

I can't believe this dream came true

Her voice is like a song in my heart

I play it every time that we're apart

She soothes my body with just one touch

I know that's why I really love her so much

She stole my heart with just one kiss

And made me fall so deep in love

Just can't seem to get enough

To my surprise the angel is you

I can't believe this dream came true


The more I see you the more I love you

The more I think of you the more I want to be with you

Quero che me ams con todo su kurason

(I want you to give your heart to me)

Tidaro quell che vuoi

(I shall give you what you want)

Quero che siempre eres nio

(I want you to spend eternity with me)

Thelo na sagapo ya pand

(I want to love you forever)

I can't stop saying that I love you

Je t'aime ouci mon cher

(I love you also my darling)

Chorus (out)

Perfect Love /

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