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100% Of Nothing

I Tried To Analize And Understand

Rationalize And Comprehend

Im Trying But Im Failing Now

I Need The Common Sense Ive

Lost Along The Way, Or Never Had

Its Obviously Gone

I Tried To Compromise And Spread It Thin

I Played The Odds And Lost It All

Im Sinking Too Fast To Call Out

Youll Never Hear Me Crying

I Tried To Go Your Way, What Can I Say

I Guess I Never Wanted It Or Wanted To Be

The Way You Wanted It For Me

I Wish I Could Have Given It To You

I Guess Well Have To Wait And See

Give Me Some Time Away

And Let Me Sleep On It

I Have A Long Life Still Ahead Of Me

For Now Ill Start With An Apology

Cause I Admit It, I Regret It

Now Im On The Outside

Of The Circle I Thought Id Be In

Go On This Way Ill Never Make It Through

Ill Rip A Thousand Parts Into

A Million Pieces, Ive Spread Myself Thin

And Nothings Getting Done

100% Of Nothing /

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