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Everything Will Be Alright

To everyone I could not meet

I'll spell it out in lyrics simple and neat

To all of you who never knew this until now

It's flowing in fountains

And I'm counting on moving mountains

'Cause I know when You're near me

Everything will be alright

And I'm sure when You're close by

Everything will be alright

So if you wish to help yourself

Cry out "Jesus" with a capital "Help"

Tell your fear "disappear and fade away"

You get me through, that's what You do

You lit me up I'm burning like

Lightning up in the sky

Even if the sun refuses to shine

And stars played hidaway

That's alright, that's OK

To everyone I could not meet

I know it sounds a little sugary sweet

But how can I even try not to explain

Everything Will Be Alright /

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