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Baby Come Back

Did you get the letter

That I sent you

Trying to remember what the letter said

After all the heartache you put me through

I need you like a hole in the head

Then I saw the little light was blinking

You left a message like an angel singing

Baby come back

Come back to me

I think I'm going crazy

Baby can't you see

That I love you

Oh, baby come back to me

Now how am I gonna keep that letter from you

How am I gonna take back all the things I said

Was I thinking when I cursed your mother

Signed the letter "wish you were dead"

Baby, tell me how I got so stupid

I've been shooting arrows back at Cupid

Staking out

Your postman's route

Better take a bribe

Before I take him out

Take the letter back

Oh my darling

Baby come back

I miss you so

How could I have been so stupid just to let you go

Now my darling

I'm so sorry, I've been such a fool

And I want you back

Baby come back

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