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La La Land

The question isn't whether it's true

The question- "Is it working for you?"

Marshmellow Skies

And custardy pies

And nothing's too hard to do

They're five happy verses or so

They told me all I needed to know

Ignore all the rest

Trials and tests

And threats to my comfort zone

Well I've got no time to find out what's real

I stick with what I happen to feel

It feels grand

When you're livin' in lala land

You can name a blessing yourself

Stake a claim on power and wealth

And strong healthy teeth

A spot at the beach

And romance that's really swell

All the saints and martyrs alive

Well they would have called a national strike

Demanded less pain

More personal gain

If only they'd known their rights


Well I take it very personally

Yeah, I got to know what's in it for me

Ain't it grand?

When you're livin' in lala land

I've got my prayer cloth collection in a Jesus jar

I've got the Holy Ghost ridin' in the back of my car

Sometimes He gives a little tickle I go "hardee har har"

Ain't it grand, when you're livin' in lala land

My Jesus decal does quite a trick

Right above my dashboard I stick it

A good luck charm

It keeps me from harm

And saves me from speeding tickets

Repeat Chorus

La La Land /

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