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If You Want To Party (I Found Lovin)

C'mon now, now


Start it


Hey, what's up? Gather round, everybody get down

It's time for the best party track in town

Kicking it live, keeping it real

Party on time, yeah, you know how we feel

You gotta get up and move side to side

You've gotta release and do it right

It's a funkadelic beat to a funkadelic song

Still kicking it live, with the main man, John

Saints in da house, you're doing it right

Cool rock a jam and party all night

So lets get started baby, you and I

Go on with your bad self, dance all night

So can you feel it, I can feel it hey,

Can you feel the beat? Got the bass drum doing in your feet,

Hear the snare drum tapping in your ear

Yeah, you've gotta get up, gotta move your rear

That's, the way this heart is feeling for you [Shaz, Nat

All Saints

If You Want To Party (I Found Lovin) / All Saints

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