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Natures Land

my mind is so entangled,

with thoughts of bitter days.

when everybody used me,

in oh so many ways.

I think I'm alone now,

in a world that doesn't care.

for me there is no reason,

with them my life to share.

a busy world keeps turning,

another year goes by.

I feel I'm growing weaker,

though not enough to die.

I stand to face your future,

having stood through all your past.

but no one here considers me,

assumed I'm built to last.

the time is fast approaching,

when all will soon be gone.

the ignorance of man's own hand,

can't right this awful wrong.

the years of evolution,

to create this green abode.

ruined in one century,

by motor cars and roads.

the last laugh is upon you,

though no one sane shall smile.

for you've destroyed your destiny,

your selves you have beguiled.

your chances you have taken,

your choices you have made.

an end to your existance,

will be the price you pay.

buildings you've erected,

on land taken for your own.

your cities and your suburbs,

spread all across my home.

unsure of my surroundings,

don't know quite where I am.

the birth of man's tecnology,

the death of nature's land.

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