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Scream Me A Wisper

perching on the brink of insanity.

frustration snapping like a dog at my heels.

no love is lost on humanity,

no love has come my way for many a year.

the verbal arrows they penetrate.

no sheild's defence as they burn deep into my heart.

to sting more than callous archer cares.

embedding barbs imbued, they rip my life apart.

scream me a whisper,

so I can speak the torment in my mind.

scream me a whisper,

pierce my ear with silken blade divine.

scream me a whisper,

no soft caress to ease the pain inside.

scream me a whisper,

no corner left within where I can hide.

scream me a whisper,

disencumbered soul inside unbind.

scream me a whisper.

mere mortal words with which I try to explain,

a redundant medium too weak to express.

believe the turmoil, it does exist,

behind veiled contours of excess flesh.

suffer the painstaking withdrawal

impotent reaction that masks the lions roar.

always carefully considerd.

the greater exspensebspared as knuckles reach the door.

the tightening coils of resented tension.

with random ricochet search hard through tear stained view.

to find a reason or just release,

the pressure still punching through.

vertigo amigo, essence is killed,

intestinal torture, ulcerated life.

the low too high to climb this time.

inflamed to the pit, wind up sweet wife.

searching for the key to unlock the maze.

of down ward spiralling corridors deep inside my mind.

exit signs they illuminate the way,

but are they still too far and wide to define.

extirpate this base temporal line.

should I take a shotgun and kiss myself away.

i'll take another apple from the cart,

now body wracked i'll wait to die some more anoter day.

Scream Me A Wisper /

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