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Last Goodbye

I want to go in a blaze of glory,

my picture in the psper,

with a small covering story.

on the next page a eulogy by my mum,

a little praise for her little boy,

the one that she called son.

so if that leaves you lonely,

well you brought it on yourself,

you never even trusted me,

when I said there was no one else.

no disrespect intended,

but the faewell won't be fond,

for the love it died,

each time you lied.

an ever weakening bond.

and now it's time to say goodbye to you,

and all the pain you put me through.

if you were a friend,

you'd be there when I needed you.

everything is closing in,

I try to talk but where to begin.

one final sigh, my last goodbye.

engulfing flames, I close my eyes.

I think of you as the heat consumes me,

as I lose you to another guy,

you lose me for eternity.

torment and tears from another wasted year,

conscious of the way I felt,

you blamed me for the cards you dealt.

never even told me,

what you claimed that i'd done wrong.

just made me feel unwelcome,

said we couldn't carry on.

you always got so caught up,

in your ideals of perfection,

never even realised,

you'd bought a misconception.

as the burns higher,

I look at my past.

what a shame to think you'll miss me,

that i'll get the last laugh.

why was it that I loved you,

when you treated me that way.

the question stays unanswered now,

on this my final day.

as I come to end my life now,

I look back with no regrets.

it wasn't me who was guilty,

of the friendship being wrecked.

you had no comprehension.

or you should have spoken up.

for your bitter words, I always heard.

louder than

Last Goodbye /

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