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Prisoner Of The Silver Plane

she only hurts you,

when she knows you can't defend.

so wrapped up in deception,

a reflection is her only friend.

not everyone is taken in,

by the image you portray.

if your mind and soul,

can't get control,

you'll use your body in any way.

prisoner of the silver plane,

it's just a false veneer.

underneath you're just the same,

the same as everybody here.

your lipstick lies and your poison kisses.

burning fire in your thighs.

sweet taste of sin in everthing,

no vision of beauty just a poor disguise.

life's not like a fairytale.

not everyone is nice.

she uses you, abuses you,

but makes you sacrifice...

not an innocent child,

as she'll have you all belive,

but a graduate in carnal lust,

sexual depravity.

with her flesh she'll compromise,

she'll take you for a ride.

she's always there the univited,

but still she gets inside.

not eveything revolves round you.

though you carry on that way.

you use your hips like roulette chips,

layed on the table in the games you play.

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