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Stranger To None

far in the night, in the depths of your mind.

you dream of me and what might yet be.

where nameless things crawl with echoing screams,

from them, to me you flee my child.

a sinner I shall always be,

for death and corruption appeal to me.

vengeance ready and mercy gone,

so join me now let the dance go on.

welcome nice to see you.

for me, how kind, do come inside.

I'm sure you know everyone who's here.

if you don't i'll introduce you dear.

for no one is a stranger,

come on in and share the danger.

for I am the lore,

and the lore is me.

so dance then where ever you may be.

dance with me now till the break of dawn,

your oaths are pledged, allegiance sworn.

absolution for your sins,

repent to me, and you're welcome in.

every knee to me shall bow,

fallen angel, your master now.

life eternal I shall pass to you,

don't take it in vain, for tis given to few.

an offer I've made that you can't resit,

a touch of ice from a crimson kiss.

an ageless beauty with no control,

no more the reflection upon your soul.

transfusoion to a noble line,

to suffer no more the constraints of time.

a strength of mind, the giftt of flight,

so join me now let us dance tonight.

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