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Touched By Jesus

Have you ever wondered much at all

About your behaviour,

Or worried about the role you play,

Grey against the scenery ?

Black cloud calls by,

Black cloud, blue sky

Black birds, your words,

Too dark to fly.

When reason starts to fade and fall away

I want to take a gun to you.

Rain another day...

While we move as angels,

Gather up your blues and clear the way.

I hate the games you play

While we're touched by jesus,

Gather up your blues

And get out of the way.

Sand invades your shoes like a desert

It's nothing to die about.

And our heels are high enough

To crush the lizard

Take 'em off and shake it out.

The sting in the tail

Is destined to fail

Our skin, takes in no poison.

"so the next time you're out stumbling across

My little piece of sky, and we know we're

In a state of grace and we know we're in

A state of mind; and we know we're part

Of the state of art and all we really want

To be, is free... you've got to receive, you've

Got to receive what the spirit says... you've

Got to believe what the spirit says...

And she says..."

Rain another day

While we move as angels

Gather up your views and clear the way

I hate the games you play.

While we're touched by jesus

Gather up your blues and get out of the way

All About Eve

Touched By Jesus / All About Eve

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