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Only One Reason

If there's Sunday in their eyes

and they can't disguise it

Half-sick of shadows grayer

than the fair Elaine knows

It's four hours after twelve

and you're scared of yourself

Feeling so afraid

like a child in an air-raid

And if there's only one reason

to live in this world

I'll find it

And if there's only one reason

to give of yourself

Ask the lonely and the dying

If your drowning in the doubt

as the candle goes out

Faces at the window

and a whispering that won't go

Focus on the dawn

and the promise of morning

Look ahead of winter

Let the breath of summer into you

They're always waiting for morning

Always waiting for light to come around

Always waiting for morning

and the light to come shining in

All About Eve

Only One Reason / All About Eve

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