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Madame Me

The sunrise fills your eyes. Cannot hear your cries pleading please just go away, I can't take another day of this. No surprise. A surplus of lies. Freed from the sky. Is there something that I missed? Can't even take another day of this. Lower than piss. Have you never felt like this? She can't recall the last time she avoided it. Lower than piss have you ever felt like this? Judging by your eyes like crystal bass, madam me is predicting that your answer will be yes. The sunrise burned out your eyes. Failed to apologize. As it was eating at your face took your smile away without a trace of it. Warmer than piss, have you ever felt like this? It just may take a fever to encounter it. Knee deep in shit, there's no avoiding it. From your knees you're coated brown. To your toes there is no sound like this - and I will keep you warm in hell.

Алкалайне Трио

Madame Me / Алкалайне Трио

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