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The Bubble

Nigga quit playin with the god damn drum machine

Motherfucker (ha) yo..

[Chorus: repeat 2X]

Wherever my crew go, same old scenario

Takin over every show, rockin on the radio-ohhhhhhhh

Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh, oh-oh, oh


It's Tha Liks you know our repoitoire, we party y'all

We treat every day like it's fuckin Mardi Gras (y'know)

Y'all done started somethin you just can't finish

Ten years deep in this game called rap business

We takin hip-hop back, it's gettin unbearable

Y'all done disrespected the game somethin terrible

My Likwid Crew shower you, with rhymes that's uncomparable

Beats so ridiculous it just ain't fair to you

We act stupid off the tonic and whiskey

Smoke so much weed you might think I'm a hippie

In the club drunk with my nigga King Tipsy

Lookin for some hoes that we can toss like frisbies

Bail through the club belligerent like, "Bitch Please" (damn)

Tab at the bar is already like six G's

Everywhere we go, I roll with the same old gang

Doin the same old thang, again and again



Niggaz know.. (y'all niggaz know)..

On your marks get wet, three vets is on the set

It's nine years in the game and we ain't lost a step yet

We still in full effect with drunk rhymes that make the world spin

(While you starin at me nigga) Nigga, I'm starin at your girlfriend

Women see us out and think my click is too obnoxious

Cause we bail around the party like we off a couple notches

We off a couple vodkas, homegirl, we Likwid niggaz

Take the time to get to blow us, tell yo' friends come kick it with us

Ha ha, all jokes aside, we slide slippers

Money fallin out my pocket like I robbed nine strippers


The Bubble /

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