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The Next Level (Remix)

Verse One: J-RO

bust this

You got a bad name like Dick Butkus

Welcome to the next level, of rhyme flowin

Scratchin, hookin up beats, and hoe catchin

Everytime I come home, I got fifty messages

I only call back the girls with big big breasteses

Ooh, I got bitties, in all the major cities

The safest way to have sex is right between her (tittes)

I beeped this fillie from Philly, we was puffin on a phillie

She started actin silly, so I popped her like a willie

I'm like Kukamunga, I'm way out

And you know I got the flow that'll never play out

I was raised in Cali just like a palm tree

I rock the mic from London to the Mohabi

Tash Diamond D and the Ro to the J

Amazing feats happen when we come out to play


We about to take you to the next level

Reachin new plateaus when it comes to rhyme flows

We about to take you to the next level (the L, I, K, S)

The crew from out West that always rocks fresh

Verse Two: Diamond D

Out the funk bag of tricks

Just for kicks, I represent with the Liks

So here's the vicks, I'm hittin harder than a brick

Tricks get slick, and face the dick real quick

You better recognize, adjust your bifocals

Your style is local, I sit on beats in Acupulco

I put words together like Peter Jennings

And skate on motherfuckers like Peggy Flemming

So woah to those who owe

From one oh four five six to nine oh two one oh

I'm sippin on pina colada

Two blocks off La Seneca, at the Ramada

But hold up, I'm not done yet

I get hard like the perm pimps wear on Sunset

So recoginize when you feel it

DITC, you can't steal it, aight


Verse Three: Tash, E-Swift

For all my niggaroles, niggetes, brok

The Next Level (Remix) /

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