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Daaam (Swift Mix)

Intro: J-Ro

There go the bathroom right there [Just could I have one]

Yo, get this party started [two maybe two drinks sometime

when I got ta holla now] Ay, ay yo E-Swift

[one two] It's the Alkaholik funk

One two, ah one two, yeah

Yeah, ah one two, ah one two

Verse One: J-Ro

Ooh, we got to clown, E-Swift get the rockets

Niggaz step back I'm pullin rhymes out my pockets

I'm drop bombs like my man Joe Lewis

So all you can do is, be the black and bluest

This ain't Monopoly the Liks will never get the boot

I got the kind of rhymes to make a fly girl group

Yo, I'm the baddest man with a hit since Roberto Clemente

Ooh, my style is muy calient

I bail through Hell and won't bust a sweat

I walk through a rainstorm and still won't get wet

So you must have a locomotive, I mean a crazy reason

To wanna step up, it's sucker punk season

I bust through lines like Jerome Meadis

We're fresh as lettuce, the front row gets the wettest

You talk about a party, then I flex

I'm walkin out the R-E in my X

Chorus 2X: J-Ro

The Alkaholiks got the beats that'll make you say [Daaam!]

The Alkaholiks got freaks that'll make you say [Daaam!]

The Alkaholiks got rhymes that'll make you say [Daaam!]

Everytime I make a jam, make you wanna say [Daaam!]

Interlude 2X: group

We are the Alkaholiks

We be rockin from coast to coast

And when it comes to fresh beats and rhymes

You know who got the most

Verse Two: Tash

While he sound like he do I keep to my own

With the liquid-ass lyrics that y'all niggaz get a tone

Though I'm known in every zone for my styleof entertaining

I spray you with my beer and make you niggaz think it's raining

The liquidator with the hardcore demanor-a

Daaam (Swift Mix) /

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