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Bully Foot

[Busta Rhymes]

Yeah yeah yeah yeah my name is, Bust-Down-Some'n


And I am alongside, Alkaholiks-In-Some'n


Shit feel good nigga, what the fuck y'all want?


Let me feel on some bitches, with this bully foot rap

Now, every-time-I-give-y'all-shit-that

blow up the spot, fuck what you got

And bless and execute strategical plots

that's to "Extinction Level Event" these wack niggaz

offa this block

Me and Tha Alkaholiks havin a drink; watchin y'all niggaz get sick

Holdin ya stomachs 'til you earl in the sink

The type of dude I never put in my clicks; because you funny

and you be sittin down with your legs crossed like a bitch

I be the foul mouth quick to toast y'all, so-called

Niggaz who like to boast we let your bodies float along the coast y'all

This very given moment, opponent; niggaz like you

ain't allowed up in our circle cause we DON'T condone it

We love to microphone it, perhaps

What we gon' do instead is give y'all gutter beats and raw SEWAGE raps

And for the last thing that I'ma make clear

That when we present watch your step when you be COMIN round here

[Chorus: Busta Rhymes]


blow up the spot (fuck what you got, we got)

Shit for the East and the South and the West coast

We blazin hot (controllin the block, you better)


to make ya duck (said get down nigga what?) You know


to bounce in the truck (aiyyo, get with the funk, y'know)


This world's tryin to make me crack, but it still ain't broke me

I fall down and just rebound like Charles Oakley

Hoes be like

Bully Foot /

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