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Tore Down

Stop, listen, what's that sound

Likwid motherfuckers came to tear the house down

[Wild Child]

Hey yo, last FreshFest we was rockin Good Times

This LikwidFest I be bustin out rhymes

When Loot Pack's on your set we'll take total control

of your mind feet body and inner soul

Multiple beats to subject to discussion

Wild Child sets it off after DJ Rome bring in my cuts in

Can't understand overnight MC's that can't afford

to get broken with the mic whether it's with or without a cord

So I grab hip-hop right before wack MC's infect it

Come attackin to your forehead and slowly make you respect it

and then inject it, into your system, and when your veins

start pulsatin, showin you Loot Pack, rocks the nation

I'm on the court, Wild Child rocks the fort

Keanu Reeves and Sinbad givin support, that gets my love

I'd appreciate it, if y'all appreciate it, then rock with us

Real hip-hop's not hard to spot like shoplifters (I see you)

I flip that rhythmic, technique no gimmick

But when you see Loot Pack rock, watch us freak the physic, yo

I must confess I'm from the West about Fresh

Don't try and test cause I break MC's down to they flesh


So put your best against this, it don't matter who flows

When they step in my direction Rico slows they rolls like

AHH, cause my brain tells me go against the grain

Cause these other niggaz out here all be rappin just the same

But I spit flames, I kick ass and take names

Fuck the boozy dames, this art should be placed in frames

and hung up on the wall right next to Picasso

I heard niggaz comin down the pike, not so hot so

Tash comes blazin, Loot Pack blazin

Hot enough to fry you into california raisins

Cause my Alkie style of rhymi

Tore Down /

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