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Make room

Verse One: J-Ro

I knock em knock em out the park when other rappers are hitting bunts

I'm a togger not a fogger step on hunts and don't do stunts

I got SOUL POWER never took a cold shower

Never had a girlfriend the color of cooking flour

You can call me sleazy cuz my rhymes are kinda greasy

Some brothers wear curls, cuz it ain't easy being peasy

Like a Kung-Fu flick, I stick you in the dick, with my toothpick

Tell em Rick (""You hit them harder than a fuckin brick"")

I like clothes and hoes but like em better in the sheets

I rock more beats than Jesse Owens ran track meets]

Amazing feets move, they happen everyday

When the Ro to the J bring his ass out to play

I weight one-eighty but I'm, fat

I ki-uh-kick up dust when I bust like a cap

Tha Alkaholik crew, and what we're here to do

Is rock a show, knock a hoe, and crack another brew


Make room, for the crew with beats that thump (3x)

Tunes hittin hard enough to ditch your trunk

It's the Liks baby, it's the Liks (4x)

Verse Two: Tash

The super, duper, gets it poppin with the quickness

King Tee and the Alkies straight gettin down to business

It's all about the Liks cause we're heavy on the kicks

But we're easy on the treble (adjust my mic level)

So fools can here me mic checkin all the way in China

The skills you can't front on, Tha Alkaholik rhymer

Could rip a show up to' up so I always flex my talents

but my words don't be slurrin, I never lose my balance

But that's cause I'm slick tossin bottles like a discus

The Liks could rock a party from Halloween to Christmas

That's why I'm screamin on MC's like I'm Onyx

I'm hooked on gin and tonics like your momma's Hooked on Phoni

Make room /

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