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Ll cool j skit


Yo whassup whassup yo?

Yo we got, we got Cool J in the house

And you know, Ladies Love Cool James

So yo yo yo yo, ay man

What do you suggest I drink when I'm just chillin with a girl

and I wanna get her open?


Ha ha hah HAAAH, yes!

I know you know!

[Cool J]

You probably wanna smooth her smooth out with like some ahh

but first of all you gotta understand on the Alkaholik level

they, they don't wanna get Absolut-ed out

and hit they head on the headboard but that's another level

So we'll go ahead, umm

You wanna hit em the chillest mango tangerine flavor fruity beverage

Smooth em out, real silky, knahmean?

Cranberry, yo some cranberry orange juice

That's all you need

Cause your game gonna finish the rest (with a little gin)

We got you, knahmean? You the gin man (yeah, yeah I got you)

Do your thing

You wanna get some goosepimples, it's all good (and it's like that)


Ll cool j skit /

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