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Verse One: Tash

I hang MC's with my noose, watch me get loose

The nigga flippin more styles than Snapple got juice

Cause I'm too hot to handle, got more soul in my pinky

Than a niggy pickin his afro and I left the skin not stinky

The freshest, yes it's, the rhymer with the bottle

Kickin it with my homie like Lamont do with Rollo

Live at the Apollo, they still couldn't do it

Cause even in New York the crew be buzzin off the fluid

So testing [one], testing [two], testing [three]

Too much Olde E will make you pee

As you can see I'm the Alkaholik tipsy off the whiskey

Get with the clippers never nappy like Misty

I didn't grow dreads, cause dreads is for the rastas

Tha Alkaholik click straight knockin out imposters

Gots to roll deep like ants at a picnic

Get with the crew that's flowin like Likwit

Verse Two: J-Ro

Every night I pray to god please, no more wack MC's

I catch a few z's, wake up and bust these

I get over like a high jumper, freaks be on my weinie

Cause they know I'm packin more shit than Bandini

The freshest on the map servin raps with all fixins

E-Swift does the mixin, pockets fat like Rickie Nixon

[Ain't no party like a Alkaholik party]

So don't be a nitwit, get with the Likwit

[ah yeah, ah yeah] Yeah a little louder a little louder a little louder

One two one two yeah just like that, yo

Yo, [flowin like Likwit]

Ahh yeah [ahh yeah ahh yeah ahh yeah] flowin like Likwit

Owwwwww, King Tee

Verse Three: King Tee

Here comes the Lik, or should I say Likwit

As I gets funky on a track that my nigga E-Swift did

Rollin with the Alkaholik group, call me trooper

Run of the mill skills got your neck in the noose

but hey, I be the K-I-N-G Tee

Likwit /

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