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Verse One: J-Ro

And this is how we run it down the line

E-Swift is second, I'm first to rhyme

The bottle's half full, is it yours or mine

Get a cup and we can get drunk, at the same time

Put on your good clothes, when I come around

I'm all the way down like the brown brown I be kickin

up in my town pickin up another pound for the weigh in

The Earth is a great place to visit but I ain't stayin

Don't stop like brakes to the metal

I brush my teeth with Amaretto (say what?)

I got that Operation PUSH, move from in front of me

I be the first rapper PMD seen, livin comfortably

In forty-eight states, light the board

I kick that kind of shit yo' ass can't afford

cause you broke, you need to go for a smoke

and think about ya problems while you toke (ha ha)

Who you tellin, we did more shows than Aaron Spelling

Leavin Las Vegas likwid funk is what you smellin

This is the track that broke your moms back

I was on the dancefloor I heard it crack, do you like it?

Chorus: Alkaholiks

""Yeah"" we bout to put it down like this aight? ""Aight!""

""This is Likwidation from the West, one two""

""Yeah"" we bout to fuck it up like this aight? ""Aight!""

""Likwidation one two""

""Yeah"" we bout to Likwidate the whole world aight? ""Aight!""

""Likwidation one two""

""Yeah"" the music get you drunk like this aight? ""Aight!""

""Likwidation from the West""

Verse Two: E-Swift

Sometimes I rhyme drunk, sometimes I rhyme sober (yeah)

I never need no gimmicks and shit, to get me over

Just a couple crates to rock all fifty states

and overseas, nigga please, this is Likwid MC's (and they drunk)

Comin up like a feature presentation

while my Likwidation Liks be wettin the nation-aca

Likwidation /

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