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Funny style


Yo, I'm from Killa Cali

I wrote this rhyme in an alley

The tall can MC stepping fresh out the valley

I'm hella fresh comin straight through your chest

I blow a hole in you soul, I'm constantly on a roll

Cuz in order to survive, you gots to have drive

Like a rental, but I'ma call you Ben cuz you gentle

My crew's blowin up like a Pinto

Hip hop's gettin rotten but we stay fresh like a Mento

So put it in your mouth

We gonna show you what this rap shit is really all about

We gonna turn this bitch out like Goldie

This cut will still bump when it's an oldie

And if we still ain't sold platinum or gold

That'll be the bigges lie you ever told me, hold me...back

Black, I snack on the wack and wash it down with a fifth of Yak

It's like that and that's the way it is

You can ask his to stay out my biz

Girl, I'm off the hook, plug me into your adaptor

I'm sending wack rhymes to the rafters

Turn up your skill factor, you bitin rhymes like a Raptor

You thought we was through but this is still the first chapter

Before I go, can I get an ""Ooh Ooh!""

It's J-Ro, baby, from the Likwit Crew

Chorus: repeat 8X

Funny style

King Tee:

Now watch me run amuck

And gun em up with the shit

Rebel rhymin from Tha Liks

Alkaholistics all true with no tricks

The infrared pointed at they lips

And man they don't speak, they keep the conversation petite

They shit is weak, I'm concrete like the beat

Bust that ass, super nigga jeep class

Me last in the game, no problem

Sit and drink a fifth with my nigga James Robinson

Check your alcoholic pulse while its throbbing

The Likwit Squad, the entourage

Get exquisite, get addicted, get Xzib

Funny style /

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