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The Baby Bubbas in the house

We came here to party, so get up everybody (repeat 4X)

Well my name is J-Ro I came to rock the world

And my name is Lil Tone I got all the girls

In the place to be is Devastating E

And Exhibit on the mic so viciously

The Baby Bubbas in the house (repeat 2X)

I say sticks and stones may break my bones

But this gat sure nuff will kill ya

And if you're messin with Tone then you will see

On the street is where I'll leave ya

I say I don't play games when I play that thang

You make a move get up and to the boogie the bang

Cause I'm a, Superfly on the microphone

And you can tell by now I got it goin on

See I wear my Adidas shoes real real tight

Just so I can do my windmills right

I'm fresh out the box, baby can you dig it

Funky def rhyme comin straight from Exhibit

See we came here, to rock the world

I broke out the sheen and refreshed my curl

See I hip, hop, never will I stop

Protect and serve you like Robocop

Well my name is E in the place to be

I like to drink cold old, forties

Drink until my stomach is numb

And talk about tall big ever-rum

Rappin on the mic like he's the man

With this break I'm Superman

Lookin like Kurtis Blow's song

Singin dum-diddy-dum-diddy-diddy-dum-dum

Well I'm the king of romace, don't stop to rock

GIrl I can't dance, but I can pop-lock

I wanna freak freak, I'm so unique

Get your panties wet every time I speak

Well you spell my name with a J-R-O

I'm a hip-hop professional

Sippin rum and coke straight out my cup

Yo E-Swift won't you cut it on up?

Ayy DJ, aiyyy DJ

Yo what's the name of this song, man, what's the name of this song?


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