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Debarge skit

Yo yo we bout to make this run man

We got we got uhh, DeBarge brothers in the house

El and James y'all

What y'all drinkin on man?


Shit, oh you treatin? (yeah I'm treatin)

Alright, I like, personally, Cherise Wheat

Oh don't start that shit El

What man?

Nigga go get some cold dizznizz motherfucking dizznuck

Get some cold duck up in this motherfucker

Oh, OK, James like the cold duck

God damn, gimme that cheap shit, god damn right

(So El you want the Cherise)

Cherise Wheat

(And James you want the cold duck)

Cheapest shit in the house

(aight, and some forties)

Hahahahahaha, hahaha

J-Ro! (yeah)

We gettin ready to party!

Debarge skit /

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