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Bottoms up

Intro: Tash

Yes yes yes yes yes yeah-he-ha-ha-ha!

Back to drown ya'll motherfuckaz!

Who we got, we got, we got

We got the Liks, we got the Liks, we got the Liks

Cause MC's in ninety-five, MC's in ninety-five

MC's in ninety-five that think they rock like

MC's in ninety-five, MC's in ninety-five

MC's in ninety-five that swear they rock live

Verse One:

MC's in ninety-five they need way more rehearsin

They write they booty kyrics then they add they little curse in

YOu're not a true hip-hop person

Spend a little time with your rhymes and quit makin wack versions

I send this shit out to all them niggaz from that group

With the ninety minute demo sounding just like Snoop

You better bizzay, your ass up out my rhyme zone

Fore I leave you on the ground broke up like pine cones

You're rootin and tootin but ain't did no shootin

while the freshest hip-hop, it curses verses like a wicked witch

Disaster, cock the rhyme flows back to kill

To get me out your system takes more than Golden Seal

Cause I bust so many flows I gotta file my shit in columns

while MC's be goin down like Olympiads that slalom, rock-bottom

I got em, left without no watchers

While I be housin niggaz like they put up for adoption

I rock loaded, I never get promoted

But through the bullshit my crew stays devoted

While you be bustin lyrics bout the funs y'all niggaz toted

I'll be standin like a b-boy with both arms folded

But no exucses, I still get the loosest

When RIco's in the house tryin to grab the mic and juice this

So back the fuck up like we told you last time

Cause it's the Liks in the house with the ninety-five rhymes

Chorus: Repeat 4X

We can do out thing (we can do

Bottoms up /

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