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Aww shit!

Chorus: Tash

Now when you see me gettin drunk it's like ""aww shit!""

When you hear this likwid funk it's like ""aww shit!""

When I'm pushin through the crowd it's like ""aww shit!""

There goes CaTashTrophe, Tha Alkahol-iks

Verse One: Tash

Now my objective with this rhymin is to take words and bounce em

And twist em up so bad that wack MC's can't pronounce em

Just to show ya how we house em from the Westside of thangs

(Killa Cali motherfuckers) where the gangbangers hang

The L dot A dot Crenshaw Boulevard

Where I write rhymes so hard niggaz swap my tradin cards

Cause my Cali niggaz feel this realness, lyrics healness

that'll make the special mist when I grab this gun and kill this

But still this, brother stays alive like Wyclef

I'm steppin through the house the rappers step to the left

Cause I fry em like a chef and then get on with my evening

So never twist it up that lyrically we even thievin

Cause I stop your breathin quick like (UHH) then revive ya

I swum with bigger fish than the deep sea diver

Cause CaTash the likwidater's here to blow it through the roof

Grab the money and the hoes then dissapear like poof

Chorus: Tash

Off that 151 it's like ""aww shit!""

When a nigga pop his gun it's like ""aww shit!""

When we up next to flow it's like ""aww shit!""

That's my nigga J-Ro Tha Alkahol-iks

Verse Two: J-Ro, Tash

I've got senoritas, from Alameda to Receda

Me and Olde E, is like Tarzan and Cheetah

I wish Hen Rock came in a two liter

Swift could you turn up the big drum beater

But still I, got to pull my brew out the chiller

Tonight it's goin down like the house of Reggie Miller (J-Ro)

Everybody turn to your nigga on the rig

Aww shit! /

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