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405 Fridays

Not havin it

""My lightning my thunder""

It does not end

""Not havin it"" ""My lightning my thunder""

""Not hav-""

Xzibit (lightning) Defari (come on) ""not havin it""

""My lightning my thunder"" ""not havin it"" ""my lightning my thunder""


Look what the wind blew in, a Wild West storm

In the form of Thunder and Lightning

Xzibit be the Thunder, Defari be the Lightning

Crack a shark's teeth when he be bitin

These fakers can't stand it to sell they bandit

With silver-tipped lyrics I shoot across the holy planet

Your favorite's Janet, I'm bangin hits that's hard like granite

Surprising these critics cuz that's the way I planned it

Your brain I scanned it, and analyzed your weakness

You're not creative, niggas like you we call leeches (say what)

(That brother teaches, yep) don't make no big deal of it

I just knows I don't half-step

The after high noon Moonshine saloon

That's where you find a table reserved for X and Herut

From Alaska to the Mellanys

Don't give a fuck where you look, they feelin Likwit emcees

Chorus (Tash)

""Not havin it""

Xzibit's da Thunder, Defari's da Lightning (4x)


Y'all niggas speakin out of anger and ignorance

But Xzibit got the diligence

Defari sparkin joints in the ligiments

Kill-afornia b-boys who search and destroy misions

Bring the heat to raise the temperature in hell's kitchen

Don't get too relaxed and find youself missin, listen

Shot caller from a whole new position, relieve the tension

Break bread with my brothers

All the bitches we fuck be hangin out wit one another

And associate my good times wit Hennesy straight

Can you relate, or is your heart filled wit hate?


405 Fridays /

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