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All bitches come and kick it with me

Weed smokers come and hit it with me

Alkaholiks come and sip it with me

Uh huh - Alkaholiks come and hit it with me

(Tell 'em about yo'self Tash)

Alkies come and kick it with me

(I said tell 'em about yo'self Tash)

Say what folk? Say what? Aight, yo

I got a passion for fashion, fast cars and livin triflin

A sweet tooth for mic booths hoes and ""Rap Life'n"" it

Everybody know Big Tash is unstoppable

Flashy Tashy fly assassin poppin everything that's poppable

Pop acollar, pop a wheelie, pop up at yo' house

Poppin bottles in your lawn, tell your pops you're goin out

Hip-Hop no doubt that's what it's about

But I'ma tell y'all niggaz once, y'all better read my mouth

Fuck bein broke, cuz bein broke ain't no joke

Broke niggaz always askin to smoke

Let me bust y'all down with a West coast heater

If y'all girls is gettin hot, throw on my wifr beater

Drink a whole liter, get buzzed and clown

Might wobble but he don't fall down

Peace to Dogg Pound, let's have some fun

Tha Alkaholiks in this bitch off that one-five-one

(Chorus: Xzibit)

I am a Alkaholik nigga

Top dollar if you ain't up on it you gotta

Move back I'm off that one-five-one right

Stumblin, throwin up, just lost my eyesight

I am a Alkaholik nigga

Top dollar if you ain't up on it you gotta

Bang hoes that want new clothes but get nada



Make 'em shout - now how the fuck we gonna work it out?

Turn it out - we'll smash and bang and blow a circuit out

Alkies - We heat the party to the third degree

Fuck with me - Then I'll beat ya down verbally

Here we come - Tha Liks ain't nev

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