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21 and Under

Intro: Tash

(""Yes yes y'all, and you don't stop"" - repeat 12X)


Let me tell ya about the Liks

See it *echoes* say it *echoes*

Ah, yo

Verse One: Tash

I walked into a store I stepped straight to the freezer

I grabbed some forty ounces and a few Bacardi Breezers

I threw em on the counter then I went to find some chips

I'm thinkin bout this bitch I'm bout to visit with the hips

I asked the counter person for the biggest box of Trojans

Cause when I be onthe pussy I cause nuclear explosions

He put them in my bad, totalled up my sums

He said, ""That comes to thirteen dollars,"" but I didn't have no ones

I gave him twenty, in walked some shorties

Eyes beemin red headed straight for the forties

Five foot three wannabe Tupac's

They asked the man behind the counter for the Newport boxes

They stole some cans cause the man couldn't see em

Cause he busy tryin to tell em next time he'll ID em

One was starin at me, then suddenly it hit him

That's that nigga from the Liks let's crack the forties with him

They gave me daps they said I freak my raps

They said they homey got some flows and twist off the beer caps

Halfway finished, I asked em what their ages

Cause they lookin like, they barely out the puberty stages

Fifteen, sixteen, one was too embarrased

He said they started drinkin fuckin around and went to Terrace

It wasn't long before the forties was gone

So as I turned around I told my young niggaz to stay strong

Because no matter how you scan it you're the future of the planet

You don't wanna be a rapper cause it's drainin entertainin

too much strainin on your brain, I told em they don't need it

They hit me with a card and said, ""Call us if you wanna gt-a

21 and Under /

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