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All cried out


--Alison Moyet--

You took your time to come back this


The grass has grown under your feet

In your absence I changed my mind

And someone else is sitting in your seat

I know that I said that there'd be

no-one else

I know that I said I'd be true

But baby - I burned Cupid's arrow

And here's the short and narrow

I've nothing left to offer you

'Cause I'm all cried out

You took a whole lot of loving for

a handful of nothing

All cried out

It's hard to give you something when

You're pushing and shoving me around

So don't look surprised there was

no disguise

You know where I stood from the start

So stop - look around you

You're right back where I found you

Take back your cold and empty heart

You go your way

I'll go mine

I won't stay around here

Don't waste my time

All cried out.......

Алисон Мойет

All cried out / Алисон Мойет

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