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With your love I was complete

Like a haven safe from harm

Till the bitter stole the sweet

I was perfect in your arms

A precious while I had your smile

Till it all fell apart with one change of heart

The pain and regret will fade but a fact of love will still remain

You can't always trust happiness

Love like a sweet parade till the saddest part when the music fades

You can't always trust happiness

If a single star I see

Ever made a wish come true

It would bring you back to me

But the best my heart can do

Is to love again, I don't know when

Still it's worth all I fear, the heartaches and the tears

Love like a lesson learned when we pass the point of no return

You can't always trust happiness

There in love's steady glow hides the power to hurt us so

You can't always trust happiness

Элисон Краусс

Happiness / Элисон Краусс

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