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Элисон Краусс Элисон КрауссАмериканская скрипачка и исполнительница в стиле кантри,

Blue Trail Of Sorrow

Blue trail of sorrow

Lies upon the ground

And I get so lonely

Since you let me down

Well, I used to be so happy

Walking on these streets

Now there's just sadness

Everywhere I meet


Start walkin', baby

Walk all over town

Sweet tears of sadness fallin' down

Keep lookin', baby

I won't be around

Blue trail of sorrow on the ground

Now when I had a dollar

You'd stick right by me

Now I've got nothin'

But blues for company

Well, I think I'll leave tomorrow

I'm tired of this old town

But it won't be hard to find me

If you look down on the ground


Элисон Краусс

Blue Trail Of Sorrow / Элисон Краусс

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