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Gangsta Lovin

[IntroChorus: Alicia Keys]

I just wanna rock you, all night long, oh oh oh oh! (I wanna rock you)

I just wanna rock you, all night long, oh oh oh oh!

[Verse 1: Eve]

Yo! Need you to understand me daddy I ain't your average

Baby girl doin it all I'm well established

I ain't tryin to lead you on just wanna ask

If you might wanna give me your name explain your status

You know I see you in time and time you seem available

Don't mean sh**, I know these b****** wanna settle you

Gotta say you on my short list of few

Them other dudes is ok but I'm feelin you

Want you in the best way what you 'gon do about it?

Why don't you just test me you won't want to do without it

Yo I'm comin at you hard bein a thug

And I ain't givin up till I get that gangsta love, uh huh


[Verse 2: Eve]

I know you seen me this night that night, always my sh** tight

Hair done outfit crazy skirt fits just right

White beater with a bangin tan

Walk in demandin all eyes baby here I am

Ain't a shame in my frame and I know your watchin

Puttin on a show for you pop and I ain't stoppin

Lot of action in your corner yeah you gonna do

Only thing to make it better though is me with you

And I know you feelin that regardless of your frontin

And I heard through the streets it was me you wantin

Let me find out you shy or somethin

But I know your not, so stop the games and approach is you real or not?


[Verse 3: Eve]

Yo! Uh! Ok! Numbers exchange, now it's in play

Shouldn't have took you so long in the first place

I'm just playin cutie, yeah give me a call

No it's cool you ain't got to see me to my car

See I'm a big girl, but you'll find out-a

Алиша Киз

Gangsta Lovin / Алиша Киз

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