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 Alice in Chains Alice in Chainsкоманда

Hate To Feel

What's Gone Wrong, I Can't See Straight

Been Too Long, So Full Of Hate

What The Fuck Will It Take

Drown Myself In My Wake

Another Shaggy D.A.

Now A Dog, Shake My Leg

Plastic Man, Paper Face

Candy Heart, What A Waste

Gotta Change, Set A Date

Eat My Cake, Lick My Plate

Stare At Me With Empty Eyes And

Point Your Words At Me

Mirror On The Wall Will Show You

What You're Scared To See

I Can See, Yeah - (Wish I Couldn't See At All)

I Can Feel - (Wish I Couldn't Feel At All)

Hate To See - (Wish I Couldn't See At All)

Hate To Feel - (Wish I Couldn't Feel At All)

So Climb Walls,

Thin My Blood Now

And I Crawl, Back To Bed Now

What The Hell, Gotta Rest

Aching Pain In My Chest

Lucky Me, Now Im Set

Little Bug For A Pet

New Orleans, Gotta Get

Pin Cushion, Medicine

Used To Be Curious

Now The Shit's Sustenance

All This Time I Swore I'd Never

Be Like My Old Man

What The Hay It's Time To Face

Exactly What I Am

Alice in Chains

Hate To Feel / Alice in Chains

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