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Return Of The Spiders

Well, stop.. look, and listen

There are ants that are gathered here

With my hands raised to speak

But you all won't hear

No, you all won't hear

We all won't hear

Let me in your living door

Let me in, knock knock I said, who's there

Well, it's me they're reaching in

And I'm coming after you

I'm coming after you

Coming after you

Well, I'm tired - yes I'm weary from my long journey

But I'm not yet all ready to rest

For you can come along with me

We go searching for rest, yes

Come on and search with me

Oh, search with me

Woah, search with me

Come on and search with me

Wo-woah, come on and search with me

Come on and search with me

Элис Купер

Return Of The Spiders / Элис Купер

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